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The Tenants Guide to the local Food Markets in SE1

Borough mkt entrance Borough Mkt sign Borough Mkt fish

Borough Market, Maltby Street Market, Flat Iron Square and Mercato Metropolitano

New to SE1?

How about trying out the fabulous food markets of London SE1.


Borough Market is one of the most famous and is located a stone’s throw away from London Bridge station. Offering a huge selection of Artisan foods and fresh produce.


Malty Street Market runs alongside the railway arches in Bermondsey, street-food stalls line the area, pulled pork, waffles, cakes, falafels and a whole lot more. Thirsty?  Little Bird Gin will make you a selection of cocktails and of course their famous gin and tonic.


Flat Iron Square is situated just off Southwark Bridge Road and a short walk from Borough High Street. It  comprises of seven railway arches and Grade II listed building Devonshire House, with seven food vendors, three restaurants and four street food trucks.


Mercato Metropolitano

A large food hall on Newington Causeway providing high-quality products from local farms and artisanal producers from all over Italy.





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